How To Choose Best GPS Tracker For Cats Reviewed in 2024

Cats, unpredictable and full of surprises, aren’t just your friendly house pets. They’re ninja-like adventurers constantly on the move.

So, imagine a device that helps keep tabs on your feline friend, ensuring they’re safe—enter the GPS tracker for cats.

With the best GPS tracker snug on their collar, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing your curious cat’s whereabouts.

When choosing a tracker, consider size and weight. Your cat should move freely without a clunky gadget weighing them down.

Think about battery life too. You don’t want the juice running out during a feline escapade.

GPS accuracy is vital—after all, finding Sir Whiskers in a jiffy trumps a wild goose chase any day.

Remember, durability matters for those nine-lived adventurers prone to frolicking in less-than-dry conditions.

And just like cat videos on the internet, the tracking app should be easy to use and engaging.

We’ve scoured the market, testing various trackers to find options that won’t disappoint.

Ready to make hide and seek with your cat less stressful? Let’s get tracking!

Track Your Mischievous Feline!

Worried about your cat’s secret life? Find peace of mind with the BEST GPS TRACKERS FOR CATS. 😺 GPS Tracker for Cats keeps your furry escape artist close, even when they’re off on their own whiskered adventures!

Pawfit 3s Tracker

If your furry escape artist keeps giving you the slip, this tracker’s for YOU.


  • Impressive 30-day battery is no joke
  • The voice command feature – like a walkie-talkie for your cat
  • LED light and alarm could be a real game-changer at night


  • Subscription needed, yup, another monthly bill
  • Might not work in cellular dead zones (eek!)
  • Some mighty hunters (tiny cats) may find it a tad bulky

There you are, your cat’s strutted out the door, and you’re thinking, “Will Mr. Whiskers grace me with his presence tonight?”

Enter Pawfit 3s: your PEACE of mind in a tiny black box. The thing even works as a tiny phone – “Come home, Mr. Whiskers, tuna’s ready!”

Imagine this: your cat’s on the prowl, and BAM, rain starts pouring. No worries—this gadget is basically submarine-level waterproof. You’ll be dry and comfy, and so will your tracker.

Darkness falls, hearts race – but hold on, because Pawfit 3s shines like a MINI MOON. With LIVE TRACKING and the little alarm feature, you’ll find your cat faster than it takes to say “meow”. Isn’t that right, Mr. Whiskers?

DOMISIGN Mini Tracker

Your curious kitty won’t pull a Houdini on you with a DOMISIGN Mini Tracker at your disposal.


  • No ongoing costs hurt your wallet less without those pesky monthly fees.
  • Get a global posse of Apple devices watching your cat’s every move.
  • Small enough for Mr. Whiskers to carry without turning into a grumpy cat.


  • Limited to locations with Apple devices around to play hide and seek.
  • Only pink – your tomcat might question his style choices.
  • Requires an iOS device; Android users might get jealous.

You just clipped the DOMISIGN Mini Tracker on Mittens’ collar, and BOOM! Peace of mind. It’s so easy to set up, even your cat could do it with their paws tied—just kidding, don’t try that.

Now you can track their secret escapades around the globe, as long as an Apple device is lurking nearby.

Imagine the horror of your luggage going on its own adventure. With this tracker, you would’ve found it hiding behind the couch.

It’s waterproof, so if your luggage—or your cat—decides to take a swim, no worries!

This tracker’s mini size is purr-fect for your feline friend. The battery will stick around longer than your cat’s attention span—and it’s replaceable!

Remember, it’s for anyone in the Apple club. Android users, there’s plenty of fish in the sea for you too.

Tractive GPS Mini

If you’ve ever found yourself playing hide-and-seek with your feline friend when they dash outdoors, the Tractive GPS Mini is your go-to gadget for peace of mind.


  • Keeps tabs on your whiskered wanderer with live tracking
  • Offers impressive insights into kitty’s fitness and frolics
  • Rugged and water-resistant for all your cat’s nine lives


  • The gadget’s need for daily charging might frustrate
  • You have to subscribe to get all those tracking treats
  • The safe zone feature—more like a suggestion than a solution

Cat escapades? Keep them under your watchful eye, literally 24/7. Your prowling pal’s secret life? Uncovered!

The Tractive GPS fits like a charm, and your kitty won’t even throw a hissy fit wearing it. It’s comfy, lightweight, and stays on through leaps and sprints.

Battery life’s kind of a party pooper; it demands a daily juice-up. But hey, that’s a small price to pay for your furball’s check-in at Catwalk Central.

No more heart-stopping moments when Mr. Fluffington decides to go on his unplanned adventures.

The virtual fence feature might not be Fort Knox, but it sure beats posting “Missing Cat” flyers.

Feels like you’re shackled to a subscription for location services? Perhaps, but can you really put a price on your cat’s safety? Well, yes, technically—but let’s not go there.

SEEWORLD P1 Cat Tracker

Your furry escape artist won’t outsmart you again with this tracker!


  • Alerts you if your pet leaves a specified zone
  • Waterproof and durable for adventurous kitties
  • Handy seeking mode with audible beeping


  • Subscription required for full functionality
  • Might be bulky for smaller cats
  • Accuracy can sometimes be a cat’s whisker off

Imagine YOUR CAT waltzing out the door without a care in the world. But don’t sweat it; the SEEWORLD P1 Cat Tracker is on the case.

Strapping this gadget onto your cat’s collar transforms you into a feline detective – no magnifying glass needed.

Tracking your whiskered wanderer in REAL TIME feels like playing a high-tech game of hide and seek. You lay down the virtual fence, and the second they cross it, BAM – your phone buzzes. Go fetch, human!

Sure, a subscription is as welcome as a cat in a pigeon coop. But think of it as VIP access to your cat’s secret life.

And the size, well, your moggy might notice they’re a bit more hi-tech, but they’ll adapt. Just like they adapted to sleeping on your keyboard during work hours.

With the SEEWORLD P1 Cat Tracker, adventures turn into safe homecomings. So go on, give that elusive cat of yours their gadget – or better yet, gift yourself peace of mind. 🐾

SAMSUNG Galaxy SmartTag2

If your feline friend loves a good game of hide and seek, this device will make sure it’s never your loss.


  • Tracks purrr-fectly in Bluetooth range.
  • Survives a splash, thanks to IP67.
  • Battery life runs longer than a cat’s memory.


  • Range is cat-astrophically limited by obstacles.
  • Compatibility only with Galaxy tribe.
  • High-tech extras not purr-sent without latest Galaxy phones.

You just clipped the SAMSUNG Galaxy SmartTag2 to Mr. Whisker’s collar and whoosh, he’s off on his next backyard adventure.

Effortlessly, you’ve taken the worry out of losing him with this handy little tracker. 🐱✨

Syncing the gadget to your Galaxy phone is like teaching an old cat new tricks — surprisingly straightforward. Plus, the peace of mind that comes with knowing he’s under digital surveillance? Priceless.

When your whiskered wanderer decides to take his solo expedition beyond the Bluetooth boundaries, the vast Find Network of Galaxy users might lend a hand.

Still, if he’s hiding behind the shed, you might have to engage in a manual search party.

Through rain or pawddle, the SmartTag2 keeps ticking — and so will you, without fretting over a drenched device.

The true test comes with the promised battery life that dares to outlast even the longest cat nap. Yet, should that battery need swapping, be prepared for a hiss-fit, as it’s no walk in the park.

Should you pounce on this gadget? If you’re a Samsung loyalist with a Galaxy phone, it’s a no-brainer.

For others, it may not be such a purr-fect match. Your feline’s escapades may require tech that plays nice across all platforms.

Give it a whirl; see how your four-legged escape artist and the SmartTag2 get along. After all, aren’t cats and tech meant to have nine lives? 🐾

Buying Guide

So, you’re on a quest for the purr-fect GPS tracker for your feline adventurer? Let’s jump right in!

Size and Weight

Your cat’s comfort is key! Ensure the device is lightweight and won’t hinder their prowling.

  • Lightweight: under 50g
  • Compact: non-bulky design

Battery Life

Longer battery life means fewer charges – it’s a no-brainer!

  • Duration: Aim for several days to a week
  • Type: Rechargeable is the way to go

Range and Accuracy

Look for GPS accuracy to keep track of those sneaky paws.

  • GPS Accuracy: Within 5-10 meters
  • Range: Global tracking capabilities

Water Resistance

Cats hate water, but their GPS shouldn’t! Go for waterproof protection.

  • Level: Should withstand rain and splashes
  • Standard: IP67 or higher

Safety Features

Safety isn’t a joke – it’s a must-have with geofencing and alerts.

  • Geofence: Real-time alerts if kitty leaves a designated area
  • Alerts: Immediate notifications for swift action


Make sure the tracker plays nice with your smartphone.

  • Apps: Available for iOS and Android
  • Updates: Regular software updates for enhancements

Remember, a cat’s gotta do what a cat’s gotta do – roam, that is.

Your job? Choose a GPS tracker that keeps them SAFE and keeps YOU in the know.

Happy tracking! 😺

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